Yes To Pork With Seafood…..

I agree that a combination of pork and seafood may seem a bit odd, however there are multiple dishes. Think Cajun with jambalaya or seafood gumbo and crawfish boils that include sausage or Paella for an international flair.

There are other regional cuisines as well. Shrimp and grits is another dish that often includes bits of ham although that is a variation not everyone uses. The topic came up the other day when I mentioned we’d made our ham wrapped fillets for dinner. I posted that recipe a year or so ago. Anyway, the Chesapeake Bay area eastward into Tidewater and the Carolina’s Low Country is where I think I first encountered a lump crab with ham dish. It was delicious although you do have to be careful because it’s easy to overcook and overwork the crab. The ham wrapped fish came from an Emeril’s recipe which we did modify slightly.

Another one I posted not long ago is a Portuguese recipe that nestles fish into a tomato and chorizo sauce. I happen to prefer a little crunch to my sausage and so I cook the sausage slices first to a bit of crisp, remove them while leaving the oil from the browning in the skillet and use that to saute the onions and garlic. The tomatoes and white wine go in to simmer covered for about ten minutes, then cook the fish for six to eight minutes (until it flakes), and stir the chorizo back in for only like one minute before serving. (I also posted this full recipe a while ago). That by the way is a Publix recipe, or at least the back of a package of frozen fish flllets was where I found it. I’m not sure if they create their own or simply transfer them from somewhere else.


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