Nice Conditions, Nothing Big….

I didn’t have the kind of time I usually like for diving yesterday, but I missed both May and June for different reasons. I know if I didn’t make it out, there might not be a chance as the rest of the month is hectic. We had pretty flat seas, which is good. We were on the “fast boat” that does get to the reefs quicker although it pounds more against the water. The extra saved time was important because a couple of errands/task I had  for Tuesday were slipped to yesterday due to having to be at home Tuesday for the AC repairmen. Anyway, the class Hubby was finishing up was with two sons of a guy who was here for several years and now lives in Minnesota. He’s well known at the dive shop and the sons seemed to be enjoying it.

We went to one of the shallow real wrecks which means very little is recognizable as a vessel with lots of sections scattered about. However, it’s been down a long time so there’s plenty of growth and always good marine life. I saw all three types of angelfish and rock beauties which are in the same family. I love the bright blue chromis and there were plenty of those as well as pairs of butterfly fish. Visibility was good, too, and water temperature was at 86 so I was diving in what is called a “skin”, a very thin suit. The second dive site was close by and I did wind up snorkeling on that one because I was feeling some pressure in my left ear on the first dive. I was puzzled about that, but it happens at times and you don’t want to take a chance. It was a good snorkeling spot and I did see a medium size Southern stingray and quite a few little jellyfish.

Rock Beauties are the smallest of the angel fish we have on our reefs.

Chromis are seen on most of the local reefs.

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