A Sports Weekend….

One of our “community support” activities Sunday was attend the ribbon cutting for the Homestead Football Club; the semi-pro soccer club we now have. What we didn’t know  was the Mayor also attended another “sports debut”. Here’s that part from his FB post. “This weekend saw a showcasing of two new athletic opportunities for the youth of our community.The LuMaDe Girls Beach Volleyball League held a public event at the sports complex following a day of tournament play among 15 teams. The gym at the former YMCA site is their “home field” and I am certain in the coming years, we will see some of these young ladies compete in the Olympics.” (Then he talked about the FC)

When he was telling us about volleyball while we waited to go onto the field for the Football Club ribbon cutting, I was reminded of school volleyball where at my height, playing the net was certainly not good. I was good at setting up though and could manage a decent serve. Soccer was not in our schools back then although I suppose they might have had it in other parts of the country. It was popular by the time Dustin came along, but the one time when I managed to get my act together and take him at maybe age five for open registration, it didn’t go well. It was one of those situations where he seemed to be maybe the only kid who hadn’t tried the game before and I wasn’t any help. He said he wasn’t interested in going back and I didn’t press him. When we moved to Maryland, he played Little League baseball for a while with his friends. Karate was what he took to later rather than team sports.

Anyway, having more sports opportunities for all ages is good and there is a plan to increase the number of soccer fields here as they can’t currently accommodate all the teams that want to play.


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