Happy New Year…..

We did the traditional New Year’s Eve party although with a smaller group. One couple both had to work – not sure what they’re doing now and will catch up with them later. Another neighbor decided to tuck in and the other set of friends who were only going to come for a little while weren’t able to make it either. I’ll be doing up some leftovers obviously. The real question is the extra cheese cake sampler as the dessert platter brought meant the sampler was never open. The dessert platter had this fabulous array of choices.

Fireworks were definitely abundant in the neighborhood and when we pick debris up from backyard and pool you know they were close. Granddaughter did have to put on her earphones a few times. On the other hand, having what was in essence a triple private fireworks display was nice for those who don’t have problems with it. Prior to that, a trip to the Everglades Outpost Rescue place was the activity plus a stop at Robert Is Here for milkshakes and dried exotic fruits to take home. There were alligators of all sizes to see at the refuge; the gray wolf was still in residence as well as the camel and a white tiger has been added. Apparently a situation where as often happens, someone wealthy obtained it, then discovered keeping a tiger is different from what he imagined. Fortunately, he did find a place to surrender the tiger to rather than abuse it. Pool time after was with Dad and Grandpa while I continued party prep and sent daughter-in-law to rest. The cold of granddaughter has now passed to Mom and Dad in the usual way.

Their flight for this evening has been delayed for about two hours with the standard phrase of “we’re trying to lessen the delay so please arrive at the time for the regular flight”. Since Fort Lauderdale airport isn’t the most extensive, they’re thinking about do they really want to spend four hours there if it is the full delay.

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