Louisiana Trip, Day 1……

I can’t imagine why I booked the later flights today and decided to come on to Minden for the night. I should have booked into the Bossier City Hampton Inn since I won’t go to see Daddy until around 9:00 in the morning and it’s less than 30 minutes from Bossier to Minden. Ah well, a reminder for next time.

Anyway, things were okay at the airport; used the local driver who is a pleasant young man. Hubby was off today, but he won’t be around Monday when I return, so I decided to use the driver for both days. Flight was a little late leaving although they did make up time. Connection for the second flight was really tight and I hate rushing through airports. Had turbulence on both legs; not as bad as some I’ve been in, but definitely bouncy for a fair amount of the way. The part of Minden where the two nice motels are actually have no restaurants close by and by the time I checked in I didn’t feel like changing and going into the downtown area. There is a sort of grill across the road at a gas station that does good burgers and sandwiches so that was dinner tonight. I’ll make up for it tomorrow when I take my friends out to Mariners in Natchitoches. That’s a restaurant on Sibley Lake and is in at least the top three of the town. I think that’s where we’re going; a new favorite may have opened since I didn’t make it last year.

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