Creative Spirit on Display……

Big day Saturday! This is a follow-up to the previous posting as it is a bit more about the Homestead Center for the Arts Art and Artisan Show we’re having. For anyone who has been in South Florida in July, you’ll understand why we’re holding the show inside with air conditioning. Even though it is a large facility, that still means space is more limited than if we have it at one of the outdoor venues. We have thirty four vendors lined up, plus one civic group and our two tables for HCA. Because we have a lot of artists in HCA, they and our woodturners basically had first priority for space. Then it was other HCA members involved in either a craft or in a couple of cases, a specific group we thought would appeal to the market we are going after. One of our members has a small publishing company and a bookstore up in Miami and that relates to the Lamplighters Writers group that has recently been re-energized. Then in opening up to non-HCA members, we were looking for a nice mix of options for our “unique shopping experience”.

We have done a couple of planned campaigns on social media and encouraged everyone we know to use their social media accounts and email lists. We are popping up all over Facebook and apparently have been on Instagram several times and we did do an old fashioned print ad in the local paper. How many attendees we’ll actually get is of course the big unknown at the moment. We are about as well organized as can be and set-up tomorrow afternoon for the tables and chairs should help make check-in of the vendors Saturday morning go more smoothly. We are all keeping our fingers crossed as summer thunderstorms are common. The good thing is even if it does rain, it usually passes fairly quickly and everyone around here is accustomed to the pattern. With the show from 12:00-5:00, there should be ample opportunity to work around rain if it does happen.

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