Working On The Holidays…..

Hubby got called in to work today even though he was supposed to be off. On the other hand, he frequently teaches or guides on the holidays as those are popular times to go diving. We’re only having the one guest over this evening, so I adjusted the time back by an hour and I’ll have to do most of the prep work for dinner. I’m working some too, as the newspaper publishing deadline is the same whether this is a holiday weekend or not.

There have of course always been jobs that are 365/24/7; police, fire, hospitals, parts of the military. Even units are that not in a constant “alert” mode are required to have what are called “duty officers and NCOs”; a pair that is “on duty” nights, weekends, and holidays. Airports and other transportation areas often fall into the same category as do most hotels. Anyway, there was a time when stores and restaurants weren’t generally open all night or on the holidays. That’s changed significantly with a profusion of convenience stores, fast food and diner-type places open 24-hours and all the special holiday sales can mean people on duty, too. For some, the overtime pay makes it worthwhile and in some cases, work is their life so it doesn’t matter. For others, it’s a tiresome aspect and they try to muster enough energy and good feeling to get though the shift. If I do have to dash into a store for some forgotten item or am out to eat, I make it a point to thank them for being open. It’s a small thing that may not matter or perhaps it does.

If there is a level of stress, say being in a restaurant that is short-staffed, I try to not add to the stress by complaining; you can’t always get enough people who are willing to work. So here’s a salute to everyone who doesn’t particularly want to spend a holiday working, yet who takes it in stride and does whatever the job is while others are celebrating.

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