Valentine’s Day Shifts……

Musing alert. I think I have posted previously about having to work most of the time while I was in college. One summer I actually worked my regular part time job then another part time job and then had a third, temporary one for a little while that same summer. That was when my regular part time job was behind the soda fountain of the Rexall Drug Store although we didn’t actually sell much in the way of ice cream creations. It was more coffee/drinks, sandwiches, and cones. There were a few men who routinely came in for morning coffee and one day one of them stopped in for an afternoon cup. He had a nice box of candy he was obviously planning to check out so I naturally inquired as to if it was his wife’s birthday or other special occasion. He replied that no, no reason; he just liked to surprise her now and then. It was a habit he recommended. That leads me to the subject of Valentine’s Day. (Yes, I know it can be difficult when one has no Valentine and I have posted about that before.) There was a time when I was in all for the appropriate gestures of dinner out, flowers, and so forth. I can’t even say for certain when we decided that going out in the crowds could give way instead to a nice dinner and champagne at home. We do usually add in a dessert as well. No gifts or extra flower arrangements are needed even though I do always get Hubby some kind of Valentine themed candy, but like Snickers in heart-decorated wrapping.

What it comes down to, is it’s a bit like the gentleman I was talking about. We haven’t lost the romance; we simply don’t focus on Valentine’s Day as a time to show it.

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