No Scuba Yet…..

I try to dive once a month, but it’s been tough since I was out in October. It’s a combination of available time and conditions. While weather conditions are the driving factor, there is also the matter of how crowded the boat is. Even though it might seem as if people wouldn’t be here diving, there are a couple of reasons the demand has been steady. First, it is an outdoor activity and the dive shop is taking all required and recommended safety measures. Next is people who would ordinarily go to other places in the Caribbean are restricted in travel to many of those places. While we have more “winter” than somewhere like the Bahamas, it’s still better than in our northern states. So, on those days when I can get away, the weather, boat situation, or both have kept me out of the water. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for February. That traditionally is a month I can’t get out and I’ll have to make an extra effort.

Speaking of scuba though, I just sent the manuscript for Idyllic Islands to the company I use for interior and cover design. Once they do their thing, and I make whatever corrections are needed, it will go to Amazon for self-publishing. The release date should be late February or early March. This is in the Chris Green mystery series. The book opens with her in Fort Lauderdale where she completed a “slam dunk” investigation. She and “Captain M”, a friend who owns the dive shop she uses there, are having drinks together before she leaves the next day to return to  the Bahamas. A guy comes up to say hello. He’s Conrad Langston, someone she worked with in Australia, and they haven’t seen each other for more than five years. He’s on his way to a meeting and they don’t have much time to catch up. He’s now with the company, Idyllic Islands, and is the Director for a private island that features a large resort, some private residences, a village, and offers all sorts of water-based activities. He invites her  for a visit to see what all they do.

She doesn’t think much more about it, goes back to the Bahamas to be with Jeff, and continue their work. Some cool things happen, then Jeff gets a telephone call from someone from his past with some shocking news. It’s nothing bad, but Chris decides he needs a couple of weeks without her and going to visit her friend is a good excuse. Everything is terrific the first few days on the island and it is impressive. I created some great characters and situations. An unfortunate fatal accident her fourth day there, is of course, not as it appears. It turns out a great many things are not as they appear. No spoilers here, but I will say unlike most of my books, the clues as to what might be going on are not as straightforward as usual. The second POV is also from her friend Conrad, who like Chris, isn’t aware of what secrets are being kept from him. Okay, that’s enough for now.


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