Making Connections….

The phrase, “It’s a small world”, exists for a reason. I’ve previously posted about Robs Rums and how Rob and Robin Burr hold an annual Rum Festival.  In a discussion yesterday, I was explaining how we came to actually meet each other.

For reasons that are not important, when I spun the character of Chris Green off to make a separate mystery series with her as an underwater investigator (Deadly Doubloons, False Front, Georgina’s Grief and soon to be Idyllic Islands), I decided to also have her be a rum enthusiast. When Hubby and I began to spend time in the islands, he took up estate rum and I drink it occasionally. I knew a few of the rums and went on-line to search for a guide to expand my knowledge. This is how I originally found

I introduced myself via email and explained I wanted to reference his site in Deadly Doubloons and future books. That’s when I discovered he and his wife Robin were avid divers and had traveled extensively for dives. It also happened to be close to the time when they were having the annual Rum Festival and he invited us to be their guests. We went, but as happens, they were of course quite busy with the festival and we didn’t have a chance to link up in person. Fast forward several months and a girlfriend and I were having lunch. She said she had some friends she wanted me to meet – Rob and Robin Burr – because they recently relocated from Coral Gables to Redland and with our diving in common, she thought we would all enjoy each other. I explained we “sort of” already knew each other and we did schedule a lunch together not long after that.

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