Practical Can Be Okay…..

I have previously posted about how years ago Hubby and I agreed the easiest way to do presents was not to try to surprise each other per se. In some cases – such as the most recent  drone acquisition, the research he completed about what type he might want coincided with upcoming birthday and anniversary. Easy choice there. Mostly though when it comes to Christmas, we each buy whatever we want for ourselves, and the “surprise” is the other individual doesn’t know what it is. The only rule is the item must remain wrapped and placed under the tree until Christmas. This is a very workable system although there was one year when I found the lovely pendant I wanted like in October and had to remember where I had it tucked away until December.

As it turns out, this year, I purchased an item for the guest bedroom – not to be revealed in this post – to use in anticipation of the kids coming for the holidays. In helping set it up, Hubby commented it seemed like a good thing. Ah ha, I later thought. Even though it is practical and somewhat mundane, that can be okay. This is assuming he was being serious in his comment, which I suppose I’ll find soon find out. In my case, I bought the new Escape and there is an item – technically a set of items – I wanted and again, yes, they are practical and also somewhat mundane, but I will enjoy them (at least I think I will). In all fairness, they have been advertised on television so I won’t be the only person getting them. Speaking of the Escape, I really liked my Fusion, and while there are a couple of features I do miss, those are  offset by others I didn’t have and things about the Escape I appreciate more. I have indeed become accustomed to some of the technology although I still have to learn to use a few other things.


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