Trying Another Tech Thing……

In the closures due to COVID-19, the arts have been especially hard hit. Many “fell through the cracks” of eligibility/availability for financial assistance. There was a movement to virtual performances which has helped some. As anyone who follows this post knows, tech is not my thing. However, we were given limited grant funds for some events and we were becoming almost desperate as to how to get them done by the end of September. The Seminole Theatre did set up a Cyber Series and I reached out to their head tech guy who has his own production company. And so, we are trying something very unfamiliar for us.

A Facebook Live Event, “Highlighting Homestead Culture” will be on at 7:00 p.m. tonight, Sept 19th. That’s

This is in collaboration with Homestead Main Street and the Seminole Theatre. Part I is “The Spirit of Fiesta USA”. Part II includes the only true “live part” as a trio from the Mariachi Academy will perform, then be followed by video clips of the very popular Club Hipico horses and the Ballet Folklorico dancers. Part II will Homestead themed art images from a dozen of our artists scrolling set to music, then a segment with Dance Expressions.
In the closing remarks, everyone will be invited to come back at 7:00 p.m. Sat, Sept 26th for “MuSing On Art” which is dedicated only to music and art. That will also be through

“MuSing On Art” (Sept 26th) is a compilation of mostly classical pieces from previous MuSe events. Two images from each of our artists will scroll in a continuing loop during the music so art is displayed for most of the time music is playing (approximately 30 minutes). The images will then be displayed once more as the narrator speaks. Then there will be a short segment on Art For Good before closing. They are two wonderful women who do “Paint Parties” that they have also converted to virtual and  are very popular.

I’ll be at the Seminole Theatre from about 3:00-8:00 as I see if this will actually work.

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