Ah, Now I See….

We were supposed to travel to the Washington, DC area in late March, but of course that was upended. We were holding off thinking the event might be rescheduled and that, too, is not going to happen. We decided, okay, we’ll go up toward the end of October for a short trip to celebrate son’s birthday. We hopefully still have our credit from the flight that was cancelled. Apparently I will have to do that with a human being so I went on-line to see what flights are available before trying to navigate the process. Was I in for a surprise. We generally fly in and out of National Airport although the kids live about the same distance from National and Dulles Airport. The difference in the past is the things we were doing with the kids while we there made it more practical to go in and out of National. This trip is the opposite and thus using Dulles makes more sense. Except I checked and there were no direct flights. Huh. Okay, that means adding in transport from National to Dulles or getting a rental car – hadn’t planned to, but that’s manageable.

Based on what I’ve heard from people who are flying, things are a bit crazy. I now understand. When I went on-line to check the flights to National I was shocked to see only two very early morning direct flights instead of the six per day there used to be. (If there are limited direct flights, that hour makes sense for when it gets someone to DC who is on business.) All other flights go through Charlotte or Dallas. Why one would leave Florida, fly to Dallas and turn around to go to Washington is a puzzler, but let’s leave for the moment. I don’t have the energy to deal with this today and so will tackle it next week. Sigh!

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