Time to Transplant Another Orchid….

In our on-going effort to manage orchids, the one we’ve had the most success with is in the front yard. From soon after Hubby tied it to the tree, it began to thrive and we’ve had to do literally nothing to it since. Of the ones we have in the back, he tied one to another palm and it bloomed successfully for quite a while. The leaves still seem healthy and we think we’ll have another round of blooms before long. Part of the problem is we keep losing the tags to tell us what kind we have and therefore we don’t know what their blooming cycle is.
Anyway, of the five in pots, one has started to literally shoot roots off from a stem. When I first noticed this, I erroneously thought these were buds. I made a comment about that to Hubby and he said he didn’t think so. In looking closer, I realized he was correct.

We checked with our orchid friends on Facebook and they all agreed it meant it was time to move the whole thing to a tree. I don’t understand the exact growing process, but since it seems to work well, we’re happy to accept the advice. With the tropical storm situation, Hubby will wait a couple of days. (We’re fine; manageable wind and rain as the system weakened.)

There is something special about living in a place where having orchids in your yard is “routine” – at least for those who can follow directions. Interestingly, a friend who has a fabulous collection bemoans not being able to grow roses. There are actually hot weather varieties and although one of the local women is an undisputed expert, my friend claims he’s had no luck with any he has attempted. That is certainly not anything we’re going to try.

Orchid in Our Front Yard

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