Small, But Tasty Farmer’s Market…..

Being in an agricultural area includes having access to farmer’s markets. As I have mentioned in other posts, we have two growing seasons here; “regular produce” like corn, green beans, strawberries, tomatoes, etc., and exotics of avocados, mangos, starfruit, and more. Some of the farmers markets close during the summer, but some do stay open combining local produce and products with those trucked in from no farther away than the Carolinas. There is also local brown eggs, honey and bee pollen if you’re into that. Between my friend and I we picked up green beans, tomatoes, romaine, eggs, and honey. They’re competitive price-wise as we paid $21 for one 16 oz honey, 2 pounds to tomatoes, a pound of green beans, a dozen eggs, and a head of lettuce. It is a curbside business for the time being. You pull up, check the posted list, give the lady your order and she selects your items and brings them to the vehicle. The address is12690 SW 280th Street, Homestead, FL 33032; Tel: 303.257.2005 (I paid cash and did forget to ask if they took credit cards.) They are open 7 days a week, 10:00-6:00 p.m.

You can see the whole product list and order on-line through the service at They also have deliveries a couple of day a week. For those who may not have read the previous post, Redland Community Market is part of a wonderful organization, Redland Ahead. “Redland Ahead, Inc. is a 501-C3 non-profit organization formed to support agribusiness and provide services and opportunities to veterans and under served in South Florida. The non-profit organization also currently manages other operations and small businesses focused on supporting and growing agribusiness with a strategy to stay small and expand once the generation of operating capital proves effective. Specifically, Redland Ahead, Inc. provides:

  • Support for the training of under served populations and Veterans to become farmers & explore careers in Agriculture business in programs offered by FIU and UF (TREC).
  • Support to the FIU’s AgroEcology program in South Florida in conjunction with the expansion of FIU’s Hispanic Land Grant University status.
  • Support for training to improve the profitability from existing or future crops through university and private development of incubators, commercial kitchens, and other ventures in the Redland and South Florida communities.”

Good people, good food, good cause.

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