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I’m not entirely sure what triggered this thought – probably something posted by one of the writers on Twitter. I think I’ve mentioned before I grew up in a series of small towns in Louisiana and we were a basic middle class, one-income family. Mother worked occasionally, but never anything consistent or for long. Anyway, the library was always important for us and I spent lots of summer time with different reading programs. I had my phases; of course Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Victoria Holt and Norah Lofts for historical fiction. Frank Yerby was in there, too, but in confession mode – his racy take was where I learned all sorts of things that had the librarian ratted me out, I wouldn’t have been allowed to read his books any longer. (Of course, maybe she didn’t really know either) I went through a Western phase too with Louis L’Amour and Zane Gray. In fact the first time we went to the Zane Gray Restaurant in Islamorada, it was a special thrill. Then there was science fiction with Azimov, etc.,. although not Robert Heinlein. Some fantasy as in most of the Dune series, but interestingly nothing by Tolkien. Other classic literature came through school and since I was always taking honors classes in English I had plenty of those to read. French lit later was an entirely different situation.

I mostly alternate now with mysteries, lighthearted reads, some poignant, historical fiction, and the occasional literary fiction. I generally steer clear of that because so many of them seem to feel the need to be depressing. I wouldn’t mind fantasy if I could find an author I really like, however, I haven’t found one since Anne McCaffrey. There are thousands of fantasy books, but all I’ve tried fall flat for me. We did give Martin and Fire and Ice, the first of the Game of Thrones books, a try. Aside from having way too many characters to keep track off, if you think there was graphic violence on the TV series, it was only part of what was portrayed in the books.

Anyway, I do also try to support other indie authors, and have found a few I enjoy.

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