Not Stuck on Cars, But…..

It really is a coincidence this post is also about Ford. I can’t really if it was Jan or Feb when the movie “Ford vs Ferrari” was released. I was supposed to go with Hubby to see it, but was caught up in one of the obligations I had and he went alone. He loved it and I knew it would make it to cable before too long. I finally had a chance to watch it the other night with him and quite frankly I’m glad he had previously seen it. There is a pivotal scene early in the movie that takes place in a diner. There are in fact two components to that scene and if you don’t know to pay close attention to the whole part of it, you focus only on the most obvious. This is another instance where Hollywood allegedly doesn’t stray far from what actually occurred throughout the time depicted. On the other hand, if you don’t care about cars, this will be a boring movie. If you don’t know a little about car history, you will need someone to give a few pointers. With that said, it’s a great movie.

The casting is superb although I don’t care for John Lucas playing a somewhat slimeball. He does it quite well, however. For those of a certain age, seeing Lee Iacocca at Ford brings a chuckle. I must admit quite some time ago, there was a discussion about his role in creating the Mustang that I had completely forgotten. The portrayal of Carroll Shelby is terrific although Hubby was a little disappointed they never mentioned his chili expertise. (That’s the mix Hubby always uses). Scenes with Henry Ford II are allegedly close to accurate and anyone who has dealt with corporate America can see the back-and-forth between “sticking with what works” and risky innovation. As I said, not the movie for everyone, but an absolute jewel for those who are the target audience.


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