More Befuddling Tech…..

I’m not saying driver-less cars are a bad idea or won’t happen at some point (even though we are still waiting for the flying cars), but adapting to technology at that level for individuals does come with drawbacks. I’ve acknowledged my marginal technical ability and that it often takes me multiple tries and explanations as I get new equipment. (I still don’t understand how to make the CD player work with the Smart TV.)

Anyway, I bought a new Ford Escape a couple of weeks ago. It doesn’t have all the really high tech options such as parallel parking itself. It does, however, have a Start/Stop button, a dial selector for Park, Reverse, etc., a button for the emergency brake, a fuel-efficiency system I’ll explain in a minute, and multiple blue-tooth functions I haven’t learned how to use yet. First, the fuel thing. This same feature is on Hubby’s Ranger and I had to ride in it for months before I was comfortable. What happens is when you idle over a certain number of seconds, the engine shuts off and restarts as you move again. Yes. Unless you are a total engineer you can understand why the concept made me nervous. I still don’t understand how this works or what on earth I’m supposed to do if the engine doesn’t restart the way it’s supposed to. I guess it would be the same as any other mechanical breakdown, but with basically no warning. Setting aside that possibility, there is also a gauge on my dashboard I can’t figure out. In the frustrating way of manuals, I can’t even find what it’s supposed to be because of the way they have sequenced things. I logically looked for “instrument cluster”, but Heaven forbid it would be there. (I’m sure I’ll find it eventually.)

On the do-love-it-side though, the remote control for the lift gate is really nice. The Fusion had the remote to unlock it, but not to fully open the trunk. I’ll keep everyone posted as I progress.

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