Time for the Rainy Season….

I have to admit, I was startled when the Facebook and Twitter posts came in yesterday of snow apparently from Canada down through at least Mass. I mean, sure, you expect this in May in like the mountains, but not so much the other places. We, however, as entering the rainy season which generally will be a combination – perhaps daily – of thunderstorms and downpours followed by sun and steam. We will have some socked-in days of clouds and rain, although not usually more than two in a row. The water levels are down and so no matter how inconvenient it may be, we do need the rain to replenish. By the same measure, we will now get into the point of our twice-monthly mowing may not be enough to keep up. Last year wasn’t so bad, but in years prior, the grass seemed to literally start growing again about an hour after the guys mowed and within a week, it would look terrible. The weeds of course will be sprouting even more and will get quickly out of control if allowed to do so.

You become accustomed to the cycle though and know how to adjust the schedule. This is also when umbrellas sales go up; not only to accommodate newcomers. Many of us dash into wherever we’re going, place our umbrellas in a stand, under the table or wherever, saying, “Don’t let me forget to take this”…., and then promptly do so. Most of us have an umbrella in each vehicle, plus another one or two around the house. Granted, it’s not like living in Seattle or London since we only deal with this for two-four months out of the whole year. And allegedly, the rainier the “wet season”, the milder the hurricane season. I’ll take that trade-off anytime.

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