Out of Time Yesterday….

I would have posted yesterday, but we had an event to cover for the paper and then had to scoot home to work the article for a deadline. Notwithstanding getting jammed up at times when I have multiple articles in one week, I (and Hubby, too) do discover all sorts of things about the community we would not otherwise. I think I may have previously mentioned the Mariachi Academy (technically Conservatory) we have here. If I forgot to, this is the link to the article I did last year. http://www.southdadenewsleader.com/a-special-invitation-to-mariachi-students/article_37c73868-9e68-11e9-bceb-e7908cf587c5.html

I did a follow-up about their performance and have mentioned them another time or two in conjunction with other events. We had been notified about a press conference yesterday because of a performance the students were going to be doing in a farm field. We were a bit unclear as to what was going on. They were somehow involved in something called Altisimo Live (https://altisimolive.com) Once we arrived at yes indeed a field, we had a chance to talk to our guys in the midst of getting ready for their performance. With Cinco de Mayo celebrations disrupted as have been lots of things, a group of people got together and said, “We’ll have this major streaming festival instead.” More than 50 celebrities signed on and as it happens, one of the co-hosts has a soft spot in his heart for the Mariachi students. He reached out and basically said if they could figure out the technical piece of linking in and handle the other logistical arrangements, they could be part of an event that would be seen/heard by hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) from coast-to-coast and internationally. Oh yeah, they had 72 hours in which to make it happen.

I’ll link everyone to the article later this week, but it was a truly great experience. Since the press conference was during rehearsal time and we arrived a bit early, we were able to get the information/photos we needed and back home in time to tune into the show. I had it on YouTube and Hubby may have been on Instagram or Facebook. And that is how Eva Longoria, actress and the co-host, introduced a group of students and their instructors from here in Homestead to a whole lot of people.



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