Maybe a Coincidence….

A friend who is a local radio personality has me come on one of the location-specific show sometimes. It’s a bit of a drive, but takes place at a fun waterside restaurant in Islamorada. Hubby and I usually go down, have fun on the show and enjoy dinner after. Last night was the exception as traffic was terrible and he had to work all day which meant we had to drive separately. I say traffic was terrible although it was for only part of the route. Fortunately, he had not started out yet. I called the dive shop and told him not to bother because there was no way he would make it in time for the show and better for him to head home. I would plan to grab a bite either at the restaurant or at a fast food spot on the way back.

At the end of the show, there’s usually a give-away and I take a copy of whichever book I discuss. For last night, I had a copy of Small Town Lies since that’s the first of the series I’m finishing up with Small Town Quilting Treasures, due out January or February. There must have been around 20 women in the audience (only women get a ticket for the drawing) and since it’s random, one never knows what someone likes in books. I always explain it can be re-gifted and offer to inscribe it for the individual who wins, someone specific or generically. The first thing the woman who won said is, “I am an avid reader”, and she had just finished the book she’d been reading so was ready to start another one. Added to that, she has done some quilting. I suppose there might have been a better match for the book somewhere in the audience, but probably not. And traffic was definitely better on the return trip.

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