Trip Day 3…..

Mother Nature did indeed come through and it was if other things aligned as well. My friend wanted us to go to Silver Dollar City for their Pumpkin Harvest festival. The storms that came overnight cleared and it was cloudy, but pleasant as the sun then later came out. We found a good parking spot which in the massive number of people who can park was not inconsequential. In fact, attendance was lower than she expected and it was quite nice wandering with no big crowds. There are some rides in the Theme park (mostly rollercoasters neither of us care for) and they have different shows. Shops and crafts are more the thing and we wandered through many of them and yes, some purchases were made. A show we were particularly interested in was Circq Eloise, Lumberjacks. It is just as it sounds and works better than you might think. We – as in my family – had seen a Circq Eloise of a more traditional theme years ago. Not as famous as Cirq Solei, they are still quite talented and this troupe had three performers who did the make-you-catch-your-breath acrobatics and the others did impressive, but not as tricky movements.

I head to the airport in a few hours to begin the Louisiana segments of the trip and what in the Army we referred to as, “duffle bag drag”. In other words, five or six more “stops” in four different spots. Ah well, I do check off a lot of blocks. No new books to distribute, but I did get “Small Town Quilting Treasures” off to the editor before I left.

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