Busy Week Again and Other…

As I’ve mentioned lately, it was almost a year ago when my sister and I put together the extended time we would spend together in June. The week-long stay in Paris had to include two more days for Transatlantic travel time, then another 2-3 for Sis to get back and forth from Texas. Only a couple of other events were scheduled when we made these plans. As each successive one was added in, the calendar filled with back-to-backs in the ironic manner that can happen. The “irony” comes in because people constantly say, “Nothing happens in the summer here”. While it is true a number of organizations take July and August off, that only applies to a few things I am involved with. At any rate, getting through to about mid-July will continue to be interesting.

The long awaited fence repair is also bogged down and will require approximately double the number of days we thought. The ground here is extremely difficult to dig into because it’s very rocky (includes a lot of old coral) and the way the utilities are run prevent the guys from coming in with a machine to make things move faster. Hand digging dozens of holes, even with a power auger, in 90+ degrees is slow going. Then there is the stack of old fencing which we didn’t really discuss the removal of and as it turns out, the regular pick-up apparently doesn’t handle. We’ll get it all sorted out of course, but it is one more thing to deal with. I did put notes of apology into the mailboxes of the two neighbors most affected by the mess. Fortunately we all get along well enough so I don’t think this will have an adverse impact. It also means extra debris getting into the pool, so I won’t be using it for several more days. The important point though is progress is being made and we will get finished.

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