Catching Up and Photos….

Back when we planned the Paris trip, several events which are now jammed into June were not on the calendar. That does make it a bit tricky to try and fit everything in whether in prep before departing or for the rest of the month. And of course, the repair of our fence which was supposed to occurred the end of March is just getting started today. What a mess that will be. However, since we haven’t been able to do anything about re-landscaping the back yard, once this is done it should last a very long time. Yes, that comes with an assumption that Mother Nature doesn’t tear through and we all know that possibility very much exists.

I do finally have some photos to post. I’m skipping the Eiffel Tower one as everyone knows it. The “Thinker” at the Rodin Museum is almost as well known, but the roses are lovely. The dome of the Galleries Lafayette is truly breath-taking and the Water Lily Garden at Giverny is wonderful. You may have already seen these on Facebook.

It is a trip we will both long remember. Who knows if we’ll take grandchildren some day? And if we do, who knows what all will have changed?

One angle The Water Lily Pond in Monet Gardens

Outside the Rodin Museum

Partial View of the Dome Galleries Lafayette

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