Paris Trip, Day 1…….

The flight went as well as a nine hour flight can. We arrived on time and there was a longer delay at Passport Control than I’ve ever experienced. For some reason, there were only two agent open. Then there was the usual traffic congestion and although we did have a view of the Arc de Triomphe as we came up to the hotel, Sis was looking for the usual style of Marriott. This one has a “small exterior” footprint although it is quite lovely of course. With a full hotel, the room wasn’t ready early as we had hoped, so we sat in the lobby and had lunch even though it wasn’t all that special. (I know that sounds odd, but it can happen). Having not slept much on the plane, we did shower and take a nap for a bit. Sis needed to rest a while longer and I had not opened the drapes. So, the earlier rain had returned and while there was a gap when I stepped out with no umbrella, my exploration was pretty quick. I did learn the Metro station is two blocks away and there is a Five Guys down a bit and across the street. Who would have thought? Not about fast food because McDonalds has been here for decades. I didn’t realize Five Guys had expanded beyond the USA. Even though I will probably be dining alone tonight and I do enjoy them, they are not part of my plan.

I’ll check the gardens schedule for tomorrow and see how close  Metro station is to Museum of Modern Age. We usually stay close to Place St Michele and just walk to there so I’ve never noticed the other stops. It’s one of the less well know museums and so might not be at crowded on a Saturday.

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