About That Game of Thrones….

Musings ahead alert. Okay, now that a week has passed since the final episode of Game of Thrones, let me begin by saying I’ve watched a number of long-running series end and there were several wildly popular ones I never watched. (That includes St Elsewhere, Seinfeld, and The Sopranos) Anyway, tens of thousands (and probably a much higher number) of fans have expressed their opinions and feelings about the dramatic and unexpected turn that led to the ultimate surprise ending of Game of Thrones. In the off chance someone who follows this blog might decide to binge watch and learn what all the fuss was about – stop reading now.

In discussing the whole process this morning with a friend who did not watch the series and attempted to watch the finale because of all the talk, I made the point that while the ending was unsatisfactory for many people, it was logical based on all that occurred over the eight seasons. Was I disappointed in the direction? Yes. Was it, however, actually more in keeping with the characters? Yes. In the latter part of the episode as the Imp talked about who should be made ruler, he made the coherent case that signs existed, yet were ignored as to a growing perversion of initial good intentions of the character we were led to believe was the “right one”. Only one character had understood and acknowledged those signs and that character was killed because of it. Moving from fantasy and entertainment  into the real world and the pursuit of power, 300+ years before Christ, Plato is attributed with the quotation of, “Those who seek power are not worthy of that power.” In the real world, however, strengths are required for those in positions of power. Difficult decisions must sometimes be made and unless one is dealing with a very small population, it is rarely possible to make decisions that will benefit everyone. This was a major premise when I wrote, To Play on Grass Fields, http://bit.ly/2zVJ3OD

As I stated quite some time ago in a post, I do agree that too many times the, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, does apply. I prefer, however, the modified view of, “The desire for power attracts the corruptible”. Will we, as a species, someday be able to have enough people in positions of power who can perform wisely in those positions? I would like to see the day come.

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