An Interesting New Series…..

We don’t have a streaming service for TV so I’m not sure how the series, “Shetland”, can be accessed. I’ve ordered the DVDs and just finished Season 3. Shetland is a small island in Scotland and both the scenery and music are captivating. The small police force allows learning more about each character, although the DI Jimmy Perez is the main focus. And yes, from the beginning, the idea of a Scotsman named Perez is remarked upon. The answer is a long-ago sailor ancestor who decided to remain on the island instead of returning to Spain or it might have been Portugal. At any rate, the stories have been intricate while believable with appropriate plot twists. The personal lives of the characters have not yet become “soap opera”. Perhaps the most complex one is the DI’s wife was divorced, teenage daughter living with mother and stepdad with real father in the same village, so of course there are some issues, especially after the wife died. There are times when the accents are hard to follow and watching it on DVD means I can replay to catch the word or phrase that slipped by me. I plan to order Season 4 and I’m not certain they go past that. Midsommer Murder is the one I’d been most fond of before and still enjoy. I’ve gone through most of those (I think), but have to check. Hubby enjoys even more of the shows, but some I’m not so keen on. I never warmed to “Vera” nor “Inspector Morse”.

I do also have some of the old American shows – Harry O, Mannix, Banacek, Nero Wolfe, Ellery Queen, and quite a few Colombos. The real reason I have Murder She Wrote is son and grandmother loved it so and I keep the one DVD set I have in the guest room in case he’s feeling nostalgic when they visit.

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