Trip, Day 6…..

The Acela return trip went well and we can highly recommend it. Granted, the cab ride from the hotel to Penn Station was more circuitous and took longer than when we arrived, but I think that was a function of time of morning. The driver also put us in a spot we were not certain of at the Station although it turned out to be fine. I am glad, however, we had a red cap leading us because I think you need a couple of times at Penn Station to figure out how to get around. The ride in from DC to Alexandria was not quick of course being a Friday afternoon even though it was better than if we’d come in at peak traffic time, as we have occasionally had to do. The rain even held off to merely light until we got to friend’s house. She had already called to ask if it was okay for us to stay tucked in for the evening. We had a lot of catching up to do and that kept us out of the weather. Not totally sure about today. There is chance for rain until around 1:00. Hubby was going to the Mall area with his camera while friend and I do “girl stuff”. Mother Nature may dictate him staying in with TV though.

Talked briefly with son last night as they had to push the performance for tonight back to 8:00. Since this is with the dance studio as opposed to the performing company, the performance is not in a place with many restaurant options. We also won’t be done until pushing 9:30, do depending on how everyone is doing, coffee and ice cream sundaes at McDonald’s may be what we wind up with. Ah well, being together is what counts and we’ll have a nice lunch with the kids tomorrow before we head to Hanover, PA to see last set of friends.

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