Trip Day 1…..

Not having excitement today is a good thing since you really don’t want that while getting somewhere. There was a bit of a startle – in typical fashion of poor signage, as we are on 936, we see signs that say “Airport Exit Right Now Open”. To my mind, that means they have opened a right-hand exit. That should not necessarily mean, “We’ve closed the left-hand exit you’ve always used and we’re not going to make that obvious until you’re practically at the closed exit.”  We used Supershuttle today and it was obvious our driver wasn’t aware of it either. Fortunately, we hadn’t had too many other back-ups so the ultimate exit and get on 936 again didn’t cause any timing issues. We were also out of my least favorite terminal at MIA, but it’s okay. The departure delay was about 15 minutes and it was a smooth flight.

It’s definitely nippy in the 50s in DC although a pretty day. We’re staying very close to Union Station and plan to have dinner at the French-themed Bistro here. I’ll probably go for the trout since we had steaks at home last night. Hubby will have a tough time choosing between the duck and the bouillabaisse.

We actually walked over to Union Station since we’ve never taken a train out of it. It is a beautiful building they did a great job on whenever it was they restored it. We’re also close to the Postal Museum although it was late enough when we arrived not to bother with. The National Gallery is in another direction, but not in the works for this afternoon either. The point for this leg of the trip is just to get us here so we can leisurely take the train to NYC tomorrow.

The trip up should be an interesting experience.

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