Sept Trip, Day 1

Okay, it’s been a long day. Traffic was terrible getting to MIA, but the Super Shuttle driver did manage to make it with enough time for me to get one coffee before boarding. Flight was pretty smooth. Second leg of trip encountered some delays, although that did give me time to have a real lunch at a Fridays. That also meant a later start out of Shreveport with the rental car though, so I didn’t make it as far as I wanted today. In fact, I’ve stopped in the town of Malvern where there are no full service restaurants. There is a pizza place very close to the motel and they did something interesting. They have a surprising array of pizzas, plus subs and salads. They do a buffet and the girl at the register kept assuring me it was a better deal than just ordering. She was correct of course, but I also didn’t need the all you can eat option. Anyway, it was one big room with maybe thirty tables and about half full. The pizzas were on the buffet line (to include dessert ones), but what the waitresses did was when a new pizza came out of the kitchen, they walked around with it, calling out the type. They served anyone who wanted a slice right off the pizza pan, then placed the leftover slices onto the buffet line. Everyone was quite friendly and I was probably the only stranger in the place based on the conversations I was hearing.

I’ve been told the weather may turn a bit tomorrow so we’ll see how the rest of the drive goes. I think about 3-4 more hours and I’ll lose the Interstate at some point.

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