Lots of Back and Forth Planned….

My annual trip to Louisiana is earlier than usual this year because of our planned trip to see the kids and go to NYC in October. While I try to maximize the number of people I see when I go, this year has a couple of extra components added in. Friends whom I haven’t seen for several years have bought a place near Branson and they spend all but the winter months there. The problem is, you literally “can’t get there from here” from a flying perspective. That of course isn’t true, but there are no direct flights from Shreveport to either of the servicing airports near my friends. It seems silly in this day and age, and yet, so it goes. It’s about a 7 hour drive and if I fly it takes about the same amount of time if you add in short flights, yet time changing planes, etc. Anyway, I’ve opted to fly into Shreveport, pick up the car, drive partway to MO, then on in the next day. I’ll spend a few days catching up, head back to Louisiana with an overnight stop to see some of my high school friends who will be in town this year. Brunch the next morning with another set of friends, then over to see my mother’s side of the family in a nearby town. Spend the night there, and back up to see Daddy the following day. Dinner that night with perhaps another old high school friend, more visiting with Daddy, then over to spend the night closer to the airport and have dinner with the other old high school friend at our favorite restaurant. In other words, as many people as I will see, this is not what one can call a restful trip.

I will have intermittent connectivity and will post as I can, but will keep a daily log as I usually do when I travel.

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