Not What I Was Expecting…..

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in Nov. For those who have followed the blog for a while, we did the great big celebration of the 25th with the Australia trip. We didn’t intend to do anything nearly like that this time, but I was surprised when I talked to Hubby.

Let me give a little background first. We were married at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland (that’s a sub-post of Aberdeen Proving Grounds). We split our honeymoon with four days in Nagshead, NC on the beautiful Outer Banks, then two days in Charlottesville, VA. Although I normally travel to Louisiana for my father’s birthday the first week of Oct, I’m actually going to see him next month instead. Son Dustin’s birthday is Oct 25th and the studio where he is Ballet Master always has their Fall show with the older students right around his birthday. We decided to do that this year and since the latter part of Oct is close to Nov 13th, I thought we would go ahead and celebrate our anniversary by taking a few days somewhere near D.C. I was expecting Hubby to say, “Let’s go back to Charlottesville”, or maybe even down to the Outer Banks or perhaps over to Maryland’s Eastern Shore or up in the Poconos. Nope – New York City. Say what? We have occasionally mentioned that as one of those places one should probably visit. I have basically seen NYC many times from the air, but spent only three nights there over the decades when flights were delayed and was always at an airport hotel. I was usually in a state of exhaustion/frustration with no thought of going “into the city”. Hubby has been twice for brief business trips. Now, I’m not going to say the fact he is very much into photography and one of the “Meccas” of photographers is in NY was the only reason he latched onto the idea. After all, we do enjoy food and that time of year the weather should still be pleasant.

We’ll only be there a few days and don’t plan to wear ourselves out. I think we’ll probably take the train up from DC rather than fly. I will also take comfortable walking shoes.

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