And the Lapse This Time Is…….

Actually, the gap in posting is two-fold. There was, once again a two-day, well, parts of three days network outage like the ones I have previously vented about. And there was, and continues to be, back-to-back functions and obligations that require time and cause me to shift my priorities. Today, in fact, is virtually non-stop although if all goes well, it will include diving. We’ll see what Mother Nature has in store for us.

Speaking of Mother Nature, Military Appreciation Day is one of those annual events that doesn’t have exactly a fixed day. Military Appreciation Month is May. The first time the City held the event, they had it right around Memorial Day, but that has some drawbacks for timing. They swapped and decided to kick off the month with the event and that does work well except this year they weren’t able to do that. So it was Saturday. A tremendous amount of planning and effort goes into getting together the demonstrations of things like military vehicles, weapons on display, a physical challenge for team competition, and so forth. It is all outside and as the day approached, so did a front coming in. The forecast was looking problematic, but the decision was made to continue and hope for the best. The rain did hold off for most of the set-up. Light rain started in and a number of people had their umbrellas and rain jackets handy. Now, who knows if the collective pleas had any impact since they usually don’t, but the rain did stop. Things were wiped off and while it was mostly overcast, clouds are not liquid. There were probably people who decided not to risk it, yet the ones who turned out had fun. I was of course at the downtown museum  although I could see the displays close to me and I spent a few minutes walking around after I locked up. It was a successful day for sure.

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