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Hubby made the comment recently that he thought the most lines routinely quoted were from “Princess Bride”. I quickly pointed out, “Casablanca”. He countered with if you ask Millennials, they wouldn’t know about it. Hmmm, he may have had me there. I truly don’t  know how many younger generation have watched “Casablanca”. First of all, I don’t know how often they watch black and white movies. Nor do I know if, of those, WWII ones are of much interest. Not that it was precisely a war movie. Anyway, there are fabulous lines from both those movies that really have made their way into many conversations.

“We need a bigger boat” and “I’ll be back” are certainly two others. The whole Dirty Harry thing of “Do you feel lucky?” and “Go ahead and make my day” count. “Failure is not an option” has to get some votes and even though it isn’t a whole line, “the right stuff” was picked up quickly. .There are definitely some lesser known ones that have always resonated with me when it comes to philosophy. Two were from “The Competition” when Richard Dreyfuss was really young. He and Amy Irving were in an intense piano competition. Winning for her would be the high point of many years of hard work in her privileged life. Winning for him would be a career launch out of his lower middle class life where he had to struggle to fit piano time in. They of course became interested in each other providing the necessary complication to the movie. At one point, as Irving debated about deliberately losing since she could compete in a later year, her mentor and teacher said something like, “Of course, and when it is your final year, some other pianist will step aside and let you win because life is so fair and equitable.” Since it’s possible you will actually watch the movie some day, I won’t give the other quote because it would be a spoiler.

So, how about it? Favorites movie quotes?

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2 comments on “Memorable Movie Lines….

  1. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts on said:

    Hi Charlie,
    I’m kind of wondering whether millenials would even be familiar with The Princess Bride, as it is from ‘87… I haven’t ever heard anyone who wasn’t at least a teen in the ‘80s quote from it, and that predates millenials by a long way.
    A couple of our own favourite movie quotes (apart from the ones you mentioned in the post, all of which we use) come from animated movies: Frome Ratatouille ‘Don’t just hork it down!’ when Remy the rat is trying to get his brother Emiel to taste and savour a meal instead of just stuffing the food in his mouth. Used by us whenever anyone attacks their food with too much gusto, or not enough consideration (and by extension to any non-food situation where someones dives in without sufficient thought or consideration) and from The Incredibles ‘And it breathes like Egyptian cotton’ where Edna Mode is explaining all the amazing qualities of the new super-hero suit fabric (fireproof, elastic, etc etc) and closes off with this quote. Used by us when we are making the bed (with Egyptian cotton sheets) but more often to indicate appreciation of something really good. It has to be said in an imitation Edna Mode voice, of course, for full effect.

    • Charlie Hudson on said:

      Hi Fiona. Those are cute lines, but I haven’t seen the movies. It’s just like our granddaughter being enamored of “Frozen” and we don’t have a clue. I think you’re correct in that timing is what it’s all about. Happy Quilting! Charlie

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