I know people (okay, mostly women) who are immaculate housekeepers and I certainly was raised doing chores that included dusting and vacuuming almost every day. We also didn’t live in a huge house and with five people, it did get rather messy just with everyday life. I look around now at the clutter I’ve allowed to accumulate and am torn between trying to set aside time to deal with it and the idea of, “When does clutter become comfortable?” Now, as I have posted previously, Hubby and I have very different definitions of clutter and we’re going with mine. Part of the issue in and around my study is I have to keep a certain number of books on hand for ready inventory. And since I have published quite a few over the years, that inventory begins to add up from a space perspective. The other thing is we still have quite a few cold weather clothes. Once upon a time when we thought we would be leaving South Florida, it made sense to keep them. After we made the decision not to relocate, we could easily give away two-thirds of them and still have an adequate wardrobe for visiting cold places. The problem here of course is no one in the area needs clothes this warm. Each year I consider driving up to see the kids so we can haul a bunch of stuff north, but it is a long, long drive and it always seems easier to fly.

Anyway, the point is I seem to be dwelling on the idea more which probably means I should do something about it. Or, who knows, perhaps the old theme of, “Spring Cleaning”, is simply resurfacing from the days of my youth.

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