Snuffle and Sigh……

Our temperate winter weather doesn’t keep cold germs from being transported in. Well, maybe they come plenty of other ways, too. Anyway, Hubby got it first and initially I thought I would escape, but no such luck. Before I continue, let me say I’ve become more cautious about differentiating between a common cold and something worse. A couple of years ago, I ignored what were actually pretty obvious symptoms and went through nearly a month of bronchitis bordering on pneumonia. This go-round, the usual TV ads were on about colds and medications and I decided to give a try to one advertised as helping shorted the severity and length of a cold. Remember, the standard cold lasts 7-10 days. With this method, you can use nasal swabs, a nasal spray, tablets that dissolve, or crystals you put on your tongue to dissolve. The clear warning though is to start treatment the minute you feel the first symptom. In my case, it was pretty close to that. I chose the dissolving tablets and later picked up some of the nasal spray.

The first four days I was very nearly won over, then Day 5 was like going backward. I was also told, however, I shouldn’t have used that product alone, but could have combined it with a standard product as well. Hmm, didn’t think about that. I have swapped back to regular products. At the moment, it seems as if I will come in at the 7-day mark instead of 10, although we’ll see.

Along those lines, what I have been doing when traveling is using another of the products advertised. I start taking it 3 days prior to travel, throughout the trip, then for 2 days after. It’s difficult to know if that has had any impact. All I can say is since I’ve been doing this, I haven’t picked up a cold during travel. On the other hand, I know an older lady who swears a daily dose of apple cider vinegar and honey is the best prevention you can use for a number of things. Thoughts?

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