Frazzle and Dazzle…..

Well, I’m not sure Christmas decorations are “dazzle”, although some certainly can be. The frazzle tends to come with all the rushing about and prep and multiple commitments and potential travel issues for those traveling. I had intended to try and get a couple of tasks cleared up immediately after Thanksgiving to have a little “buffer time”, but that didn’t exactly happen. However, I did pick up a few things I needed today for later to minimize the last-minute rush part. And it turns out, I can slide one appointment to next week, so that helps, too. I am having the cleaning lady come in an extra day and that definitely helps.

Last week was more double-booked than I originally planned, but we managed to get around for at least a while to the different places we were supposed to be and share in holiday greetings. I do need to put on a load of laundry though and I might be able to hold off on that until tomorrow. (In fact, I can in thinking through things.)  Hubby got the decorations out yesterday and put several up as well as the basic set of lights on the tree. We ran into one of those “secondary effects” we hadn’t previously considered. I think I may have mentioned that he designed and built me a special cabinet for my quilting projects. It’s perfect for what I need, but not until it was put into place did we realize that’s the spot where the Christmas tree usually goes. The alternate spot isn’t quite as large, so we have a smaller tree this year that also required some modest furniture rearrangement. On the other hand, I can almost reach the top of the tree without needing the step stool, so that’s kind of nice. Photos will follow.

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