Travel Over….

Ah yes, you never know what the holiday road trips will bring and yesterday was no exception. When we made the drive home from GA back in May, things were going well until a little past Ocala when we encountered rain. For the next five hours, it was steady precipitation, although in varying amounts from torrential downpours to drizzle. Yesterday, the skies were mostly sunny and the 54 degree morning gave way to 78+ as we stopped for a quick refuel and lunch. Ocala is our primary spot depending on timing. There are plenty of fast food choices and it’s pretty easy on and off. Okay, we get past Orlando and then it happens. Major wreck on the Turnpike with a pick-up truck that apparently managed to literally elevate up onto the guardrail. I’m not certain, but I guess there were a total of three vehicles involved and I hope no one seriously injured. As it turned out, we were fairly near where the accident occurred and I don’t know how far back the line stretched. We sat for a little over an hour.

People shut their vehicles off, got out and formed little clusters; all of us with the same basic point of view of. Granted, none of us in our group were traveling with small children. The temperature was pleasant at that stage and there was no threat of rain. So, if one must be stuck, at least we  had that going for us. That was the only major issue though and the rest of the trip proceeded smoothly. Unless something unexpected comes up, we won’t be taking any more road trips for a while.

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