Another Technology First…..

Hubby, who is not remotely averse to embracing new technology, (although he doesn’t have to buy the latest toys as they come onto the market) watches webinars all the time. I have dialed into a few on audio, but a few minutes ago, I had my first experience with a computer and video link-up. Best Publishing who published Mystery of the Last Olympian: Titanic’s Tragic Sister Britannic ( has scheduled Richie Kohler for a webinar, A Life Underwater, for Dec 7th. And yes, if you picked up quickly that Dec 7th is Pearl Harbor Day, and you know it was a WWII U-boat that thrust Richie into an international spotlight, it is ironic, although it was also a coincidence.

Anyway, as co-author, I will play a support role during the webinar and that means I have to be on the computer helping monitor the Chat part where people can type in questions. So we just ran a test and it was a pretty intriguing process. At first, I was only on audio as it was explained to me that no, you have to sign in to the computer which requires the first step of installing the program. (This is the kind of thing that makes me nervous.) That part went smoothly enough and there it all was, appearing on my screen. Richie in the upper right corner, the great photo array he selected on the main part of the screen and the little Chat box in the lower right corner. There are a variety of other buttons I’m concerned about touching, but I did manage to stay on the call without crashing the computer. We worked through a number of ideas as well as the physical procedures, but I will do everything in my power to make sure Hubby is here the evening we go live. I do not want to face this by myself. Who knows, there may be more webinars in my future.

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