Sharing the Road; Well, Sidewalk, Too….

Okay, this is not a rant, although it is an expression of frustration. I would enjoy leisure cycling, but it’s not something I can manage with my knees. I’ve never had the yearning for a motorcycle, although I appreciate the passion for those who do (especially after watching the 3-part Harley and Davidson  show). The billboards and other urgings to “Share the Road” with cyclists and motorcycles is something I am conscious of and try to faithfully adhere to. With that said, when it comes to motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic, cutting close to bumpers and doors doesn’t quite seem to be in that same spirit.

On the bicycle front – in zipping through stops signs and red lights I guess the idea is, yes, you do have time to make it through. The idea also seems to be, however, that if no one is coming, the light/stop sign doesn’t count. It is the  sidewalk aspect that disturbs me the most though. I walk 3-5 days a week depending on what other exercise I mix in. I also use trekking poles as I think I’ve posted about before. When I am walking, the odds are I won’t hear a bicycle approaching. Around 70% of the time, I get no warning until the bike is passing me. Okay, I get the cyclist can see me, and I suppose the concept is, they can tell if I am perhaps going to take a step over, or am swinging the poles and can swerve to avoid me. That, however, leaves out the simple fact that  a bike whizzing past me is startling. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to give a simple warning as the minority does. “Passing your left”, “Coming past,” “Bike behind you”, the ding of a bell – any of these work. And I am good about thanking a cyclist for the warning, hoping perhaps they will spread the word among others.

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