Fun To Hear…..

with-dad-spet-2016Yes, I did promise not to do many “proud Grandma” posts. This is related to books, however. As a note, I do not and don’t ever foresee writing children’s or young adult books. My brain doesn’t work like that. Naturally, I am a big believer in starting children on books as early as possible. In fact, when the current “proud daddy” was an infant, my aunt, the librarian, sent Pat the Bunny and in the letter she said it didn’t matter that the baby couldn’t understand – that the act of reading to an infant was a great foundation. I took that to heart. Did that lead to a lifelong love of reading? I don’t know for sure since there were plenty of other influences in the house to encourage reading. I have no reason to think it wasn’t a factor though.

Anyway, last week when we were talking, my son wanted to let me know that even though Amelia’s vocabulary has not yet progressed to sentences, she does now go and get books and bring them to indicate she thinks it’s reading time. She apparently points to certain items and words in what may or may not be her version of reading. There is obviously a ways to go yet, but hey, it’s a start.

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