Amazing Talent…..

The event has passed, but somewhere on your calendar, make a note to start checking around next April for the 3rd annual Homestead Community Concert Scholarship Showcase. Two years ago, HHC, one of the longstanding members of Homestead Center for the Arts,  ( decided to have scholarships for music students. Although the scholarships are limited, for the tens of thousands of dollars it costs to train a talented musician, any external amount is appreciated. Last year, there was 1,2,3 place and two honorable mentions. The turnout was larger this year and the competition so close, someone stepped up and donated funding for a third honorable mention. The ages of these students (must be 18 or younger) ranged from 14 to 18 and their awards and accomplishments to date make you wonder if they ever have time to sleep.

There were three pianists, two cellists, and one violinist; most of whom played classical pieces with one modern jazz selection in the mix. Aside from their talent, their stage presence was impressive and every parent must have felt tremendous pride in watching and listening. I don’t know how many of the students will go on to have careers in music – like all the arts, it’s difficult to make a living as a musician. What I do know is it’s a performance you’ll enjoy if you like classical music. As part of the presentation, there was also a salute to the sacrifices parents make to support their children with both considerable financial requirements and an incredible amount of time with driving to lessons, competitions, etc. The applause that rose for them was well-deserved.

Events like these cannot happen without a lot of hard work and that too gets a big “Thank You” for the volunteers who devote their time.

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