No Promises, But….

I admit to being a picky eater, although there can be definite variations in how that word is applied. In some cases, there are simply flavors I don’t like such as banana. Yes, I know – I am probably one of the few people in the universe who doesn’t like the taste of banana. Texture is what often trips me up, so mushrooms, mollusks, most puddings, and other “squishy” stuff doesn’t work. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that tofu falls into the squishy category. However, my husband loves Alton Brown and a “Good Eats” episode was on the other day that I either hadn’t seen or hadn’t paid much attention to. I do enjoy certain creamy cheeses and in watching Alton do things with the silken tofu, it occurred to me maybe I could play around with that.

I’m thinking I can take some herbs, smoked sea salt, perhaps some grated Italian cheeses and come up with a mixture I could enjoy. I’m not sure if I can get the tofu into a kind of “whipped” state, but it would seem reasonable that I can. So, any ideas for me? Can tofu be treated somewhat like cream cheese?

2 thoughts on “No Promises, But….

  1. I use silken tofu for chocolate silk pie and for a white cheese sauce on top of my lasagna. The cheese sauce is made with pine nuts and is so yummy! The blog won’t let me paste a link so just google “pine nut cream silken tofu” and “silken tofu chocolate pie.”

    My favorite is fried firm tofu. You have to press it in a towel to get out the excess water. Cut it up in cubes or thin rectangles. Fry it in cast iron on high with peanut oil so it gets all brown and crispy on the outside. Finish up by tossing it in sesame, peanut or teriyaki sauce. Super yummy!!! Good for stir fry. Just add to rice or noodles steamed veggies.

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