Wearing of the Green…..

We are both properly attired today and the Shepard’s Pie is in the fridge since my timing wasn’t going to work with making it tonight. (Yay for microwaves.) Neither of us care for corned beef and cabbage, but Guinness is chilling even as I type this. Although it is true that everyone can be Irish today, there is a mix of that along with Scottish, English (there’s a combo for you), French, and Dutch strains in my ancestry. I suppose since the Celts once roamed far into Europe, there could be other lines involved, but I really don’t plan to send a swab in for DNA testing to find out. Both sides of my family are pretty well documented done the old fashioned way. I do have to track down the book from the Ruffins (Ruthven originally) that I hope one of my cousins has, and the Pickett side (maternal) is safe in the hands of my aunt.

We will be prudent tonight though since we have an early start tomorrow and a long day into evening ahead. At least it isn’t as bad as the St Patrick’s Day when I was flying back from Maine, and had a significant delay at either LaGuardia or JFK. Under most circumstances, it would have been fine with a delay in a NY airport. The problem was I had driven myself to the airport, plus gone out of Fort Lauderdale, and wasn’t scheduled to get in until after 11:00 p.m. Imbibing very much really wasn’t an option. Ah well, then there was the St Patrick’s Day when we were still deployed in the aftermath of Desert Storm. That was definitely not a party atmosphere, and in actuality, not much green to wear considering we were all in desert camouflage. Trust me when I say green isn’t what you see in the sands of Saudi Arabia.


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