Day Four, Chicago Trip……

Apparently we are lucking out with weather. The temperature is supposed to drop again and I believe snow is on the way. The last part of the dive show was good, and the best part was when several people came back to buy an extra book for a friend, or to pick one up because someone couldn’t make it, but wanted to be sure and get an autographed copy. The Beneath the Sea Show in New Jersey is next up the first weekend of April and that should be it for me for a while. Richie has multiple appearances, but those are in areas that I am not involved with.

We didn’t make it to a place with deep dish pizza, however, there is still the chance they may have somewhere at the airport, so we haven’t given up just yet. We took the advice of a friend and went to Carlucci’s where I had an excellent veal piccata (one of my go-to dishes) and Hubby had his wild boar pasta. Although there were several items he was torn between, wild boar is not something we can get at any of our local Italian places. This was a variation because it was boar ragout and slices of boar sausage in a sauce.

We’ve had a delay in departure which means if there aren’t other delays, we’ll be landing in Miami right about peak traffic time. That’s always an interesting situation.

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