Day Three, Chicago Trip….

Busy for sure with book signing, Richie doing his presentation, and more book signing. I’m getting to meet a lot of fun people and the temperature warmed up considerably. That’s a relative term of course as 50 degrees isn’t quite what we from South Florida consider “warmer”. It definitely beats the 32 of the day we landed.

Dinner last night at Gibson’s Steakhouse was indeed a delicious experience. It was the classic steakhouse arrangement with huge sides to share and the available cuts of meat brought out before we ordered as each was explained. I think in the group of nine, we were the only ones who hadn’t been there before and I can highly recommend it. It was crowded, but the service was managed quite well.

The day will be a bit shorter with the show closing a couple of hours earlier and folks scattering to get home. And Hubby may get the deep dish pizza for lunch. We’ll see how that goes.

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