Day Two, Chicago Trip…….

Our World Underwater opened at 5:00 yesterday and we had a fairly steady stream of people coming to the booth. The film presentation didn’t start until 8:00, and Richie was not the first presenter as we had thought. In other words, by the time we finished up and actually left partway through, it was already late. We’d eaten pretty heavily at lunch knowing the schedule, and naturally the hotel bar was jammed when we arrived. The regular restaurant where we’d had lunch was still open, but quite frankly, I hate to enter a place with only thirty minutes until closing time. I don’t like to be rushed and even when the staff doesn’t act as if  they want you to please leave, you know that’s how they’re feeling.

Anyway, somewhat like when I made my trip to MA this past summer and didn’t get a lobster roll, Hubby has been looking forward to authentic Chicago deep dish pizza (not my thing, but he enjoys it.) So far, we haven’t been anywhere that serves it. The first night when our friends picked us up, we all agreed going to a family-friendly place was important. It didn’t occur to us that the hotel would have flatbreads instead of Chicago style.  There was no way we were going off in search of restaurants that late last night and tonight we’re planning to be with a small group going to a well-known steakhouse. Not that we don’t both love a good steak, mind you. Ah well, maybe tomorrow night. Hubby did have a new porter last night that he really liked.

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