Totally Lost Track…..

Mystery of the Last Olympian is scheduled for a Feb 2016 release.

Mystery of the Last Olympian is scheduled for a Feb 2016 release.

I would say I can’t believe I’ve had this much of a lapse in posting, but the entire week last week was incredibly hectic. Many of you know Mystery of the Last Olympian, Titanic’s Tragic Sister Britannic, launched and I was involved in the Pioneer Museum Quilt Show over the whole weekend and we leave for Chicago Thursday. No, I generally don’t plan a trip to Chicago in February, but they hold a major dive show there each year – Our World Underwater. Richie Kohler will be one of the speakers and this will be the first major release of the book. All the pre-sale copies had to get into the mail as well as the copies for people who had contributed to the book.

It’s been quite the rollercoaster ride with last minute items and even though the Kindle version can of course be immediately downloaded, the print copies are running about a week’s time for shipping from Amazon. Yes, when I return from Chicago, I’ll have copies to send to some of you who have put in your order. I will post to the blog from the show as I always do. There will be some great people there and fortunately, there is an enclosed walkway from the hotel to the convention center.

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