A Complex Movie….

Lucky Number Slevin is right on the edge of the kind of violence I can handle in a movie. It’s also one of those you have to pay attention to, especially in the beginning because of how it unfolds. I don’t want to “spoil” anything and we actually tuned in because it had such a strong cast. Josh Harnett is one of the younger actors (not one I know that well), but Lucy Liu is certainly familiar. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, and Stanley Tucci provide quite a line-up. It wasn’t wildly popular with the critics, but I learned a long time ago my opinion and that of professional movie critics diverge on many occasions.

The movie is reminiscent of other complex ones such as “Inside Man” and “Vantage Point” where misdirection takes place and seemingly unimportant moments become significant. It’s classified as a “Dark Comedy” and as I said, the body count is pretty high. I would say rather than being a comedy, it has comedic aspects. Although it isn’t a movie that’s likely to cause you to plunge into heavy philosophical discussions, it will keep you entertained as long as you focus on what’s going on.

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