Yes, I Love Disney Endings……

Okay, I admit Old Yeller wasn’t a mega-happy ending, but you know what I mean. I am not a Broncos fan in general, but it was a tough football season for us with our main teams being the Saints, the Falcons, and Miami more or less by default. Hubby has always liked the Manning brothers and Peyton has done some remarkable things in football. Cam Newton of the Panthers is definitely a “Young Gun” and I do like him. While Peyton Manning has not officially announced this year will be his last in professional football, it is both logical and highly likely. It’s much like when Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens announced his pending retirement. As they came closer and closer to making it to the Super Bowl, you had to root for them unless you were a die-hard San Francisco fan (or hated Baltimore). In these situations, there seems to be an added determination by the team to give their teammate that last piece of glory (again, okay yes, many players in these cases go on to be in the Football Hall of Fame, but that’s never guaranteed).

For a player who has spent quite a few years in the NFL, being in that final Super Bowl is nothing promised at the beginning of the season. With Manning, it was even less so as he was injured and had to sit out late enough in the season so that even if they still made it to the Big Game, he might not have been the quarterback. For him to be on that field under those circumstances, winning the game would be and was, “The Disney Ending”. If, for some reason, it would have also been Cam Newton’s last opportunity (that can happen), it might have been difficult to choose. Newton should have years of play yet though and last night was great experience for him. After all, every player gets a Super Bowl ring and no one can take that from them.

There is, of course, discussions about if Manning will actually retire, but I am a firm believer in going out while you’re on top.


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